What does the dog do, now that it caught the car? Many business owners head out in the choppy business waters hoping to grow a successful business. . . and guess what, it happens! Sales are finally coming in and you are now taking a salary. Like any business titan, you need more help. . . especially someone to handle all those new and potential clients.  But you didn’t survive the choppy waters by taking on a lot of overhead.  Besides, how do you know if there is enough work to bring on full time help.

First, evaluate the current sales workload.  This should be easy, as most business owners are the sales team. Look at your sales funnel and estimated time to close. Could a dedicated person close them faster and justify the ROI? Review your sales goals and decide if you need AND can afford help to achieve these goals. Just as importantly is your time. Spending more time in other aspects of your business may take it to a higher level. 

Some business owners take a hybrid approach by hiring a part-time sales manager to get a better feel on what additional sales staff should look like.

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