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Our Philosophy

For a lot of small businesses, deals are lost due to a bad sales process or no process at all. I experienced this firsthand when I transitioned from managing several sales teams at Fortune 500 companies to assuming sales responsibilities for small businesses. In the Fortune 500 world, we had sophisticated CRM tools, a brand reputation, fully staffed marketing departments, and a highly paid sales team. The small business world…. not so much. Oftentimes CRMs were underutilized if used at all, websites were rarely updated and contributed very little to any lead generation activities, or the owner was also acting as the sales manager and struggled to devote enough time to selling and running the business. Many small businesses tried to solve this problem by hiring expensive talent that turned out to be less than ideal or lost them to higher-paying jobs. Other businesses spent money on expensive marketing tools that they never fully leveraged. The companies that get good leads do not have the necessary skill set to convert to customers.

After seeing this bad movie one time too many, I set out to change this scenario by creating R5 Sales Group. We are a fractional sales management company. You share the cost with other companies and get the same repeatable sales process as the big guys at a fraction of the cost. First, we provide an audit of your current sales process. Secondly, within the first 30 days of hire, we create a roadmap to get you where you want to be. This sales roadmap will be measurable, manageable, and repeatable. It gets you out of the ditch and on the road to consistent sales.

We leverage technology:

Integrate CRM, website, social media, and direct marketing on one easy-to-use platform. We can easily use your current sales and marketing platform and work to maximize its full potential.

We leverage people resources:

While we focus on the process rather than salespeople, we do provide coaching. We provide people resources for other areas of sales that may not be in our wheelhouse, such as web design, media, and print advertising.

Founder and CEO


Alax Ryan is a seasoned sales leader with demonstrated experience helping Fortune 500 companies and startups alike improve sales processes to achieve the highest level of results. Most recently, as the Director of Sales at SinnovaTek, a food technology startup created from a think tank at North Carolina State University, Alax built new business development infrastructure that utilized technology to automate repeatable sales processes. Before that, he served as the Director of Sales for the international brands Elopak and Tetra Pak. He spent 11 years overseeing the Industrial Products Division for Texas and southwest United States for the Sonoco Products Company. Under his leadership, his division developed differentiated products, increased customer acquisition, and improved customer retention. As a result, his team grew top-line sales by 10% a year on average, over a ten-year period while the industry experienced a structural decline.

Currently, Alax lives in Flower Mound, Texas with his wife and is a proud father of three children. In his personal time, Alax served as a local scout leader of the Boy Scouts of America, a member of Flower Mound Oil & Gas Board of Appeals, a member of Flower Mound Board of Adjustments, and the founding president of his homeowner’s association.


Trusted by Millions of customers

R5 Sales Group has been providing consulting services and advice to us for over 20 years. Alax rebuilt our sales process from the ground up to make it much more efficient in terms of process and cost. His passion for technology-driven sales processes elevated his team’s efficiency, follow-up, and close rate.

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