We make your sales department perform like a Fortune 500 team for a fraction of the cost.

assessing your sales process

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This removes the burden of sales management from the owner and puts a talented manager in a position where superior skill matters. Each week, the R5 Sales Group will work with you and your team to improve lead generation, better structure the sales process, leverage sales technologies, create a pipeline model and accountability, and individually coach reps.

Best of all, you can access a superstar sales manager for about 1/3 the cost of the below-average sales manager you can afford. The R5 Sales Group program streamlines sales management to vital tasks, which allows the fractional sales manager to spend only 1/2 day each week with each client.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

freeing the owner from sales management tasks and allowing them to focus on more important activities

Sales management is important, but most business owners do not enjoy it and have better things to do. Most mid-sized businesses have “leakage” in the sales department. That is, they are losing deals, forfeiting margin, and incurring higher costs than they should due to under-management or an under-skilled sales manager. R5 Sales Group has the requisite skills and toolbox necessary to create more profit from your sales department.

  • Step 1: Sales Best Practices Audit

  • Step 2: Increasing lead generation quantity and efficiency
  • Step 3: Creating a “proven & repeatable sales process” for the company
  • Step 4: Improving individual salesperson performance through coaching, mentoring, and training
  • Step 5: Improve sales management through coaching, mentoring, and training