Not too long ago, cold calling was THE most important part of sales success and an essential part of the sales process. However, with today’s technology (cell phones and emails) allows the decision makers the ability to shield themselves for the random cold call.  Also, the work-from-home culture as a result of the pandemic, makes cold calling difficult.  So, how do you meet today’s decision makers? One important way is through networking. 

The Importance of Networking

Surprisingly, many people fail at being effective networkers because they do not understand a few key principles. Most important of all is that people do business with those they Know, Trust and Like. Networking requires patience and a real desire to help other people first. The best networkers do these 5 things better than average people.

  1. Open up when engaging with strangers. Reveal a little bit about who you are and what you like doing outside of work. This is part of the “KNOW” thing.
  2. Sincerely look to help others first. Chances are, you will meet more people looking to promote their business at a networking event rather than looking to buy something from you.  Good. Help connect them with your network and grow their business. You will be surprise how they will start to open up their contact to you very shortly. 
  3. Schedule 1 on 1’s with consistent follow up.  I heard someone say the fortune is in the follow up.  Reach out to your new acquaintance and schedule some one on one time to learn more about their business interest and possible connections. I started out meeting people in person and became short on time real quick.  Now is schedule virtual coffee chats. Admittedly, in person offers a better connection but I meet more people virtually. 
  4. Avoid spamming people you meet. Yep, it happens more than you think.  Imagine meeting a nice connection while exchanging business cards only to end up on that persons email list. The trust principle is officially violated.
  5.   Send a follow up email a few month’s later checking on their business and offer to help. Situations are always changing and one of you may have been introduced to a good business lead since meeting up.  A trick I use is write a follow up email after I initial do a one on one and schedule send in about a month. This has been very effective. 

Happy networking and feel free to hit the schedule know button to schedule a 1 on 1 with me. I would love to hear about you and your business.