Creating a repeatable sales process is crucial for small business owners to drive consistent revenue and foster growth. Interestingly enough, many small business owners aren’t really sure exactly how they get sales. Sure, word of mouth helps out a lot and bringing on a sales person with industry contacts can provide a boost. But what if your brand isn’t that well known yet and hiring an industry expert is not yet in the cards?

Knowing your audience or what is sometimes called buyer persona is a good place to start. Define the needs and pain points of your potential customers. Start with one or maybe two buyer personas.  Resist the urge to over-do more than two personas hoping to cast a wider net. Map out the customer journey: the initial sales pitch, the follow up plan, potential customer objections and ways to overcome them. One easy exercise is to benchmark your competition. Find out how and where they advertise and their core message.  A simple web search can yield a lot of competitive intelligence.

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