In many cases, Startups have no one at the exec level responsible for sales, or the founder may be responsible. While this can work, most founders come from a technical background and have no experience in sales.

Often Startups will hire entry-level sales and marketing people because that is all they can afford, and again, while this can work, there is an enormous benefit to having a more experienced sales leader who can set the sales strategy, sales process, and plan.

Other companies that benefit from a Fractional Sales leader are those with a number of full-time salespeople but not enough to warrant a full-time sales manager. This tends to be companies with less than 10 full-time salespeople, but in reality, this can change depending on the complexity of the industry, company, and sales structure.

Hiring Fractional Sales Managers allows the business owner to focus on other areas of the business that affect growth. In most cases, business owners are only to keep offloading the typical sales challenges such as sales process development, sales cycle, and sales staff.